TN Enrollment

March 3, 2015
2:17 am ET

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State of Tennessee

TN Franchise & Excise Tax

TN Sales Tax
     Sales Tax
     Cable & Telecommunications Tax
     Streamlined Sales Tax

TN Business Tax
     County Business Tax
     Municipal Business Tax
     Industrial Loan & Thrift Business Tax
     Business Tax Debit Payment

TN Liquor by the Drink

TN Gross Receipts Tax
     Bottlers and Manufacturers of Soft Drinks
     Gas, Water, Electric, Power, & Light Companies
     Mixing Bar

TN Alcoholic Beverage Tax
     Alcoholic Beverage Tax
     Distiller's Alcholic Beverage Tax
     Beer Barrelage Tax
     Wholesale Beer Tax

TN Solid Waste
     Tire Tax
     Used Oil Tax

TN Motor Fuels
     Distributor Fuel Tax
     Limited User's Fuel Tax
     Liquified Gas Dealers Tax
     Liquified Gas Users Tax
     Prepaid Users Tax
     Renewal Producers Fuel Tax
     Liquified Gas Users Renewal and Applications for Decals
     Compressed Natural Gas Tax
     Blender's Tax
     Petroleum Products Terminal Tax
     Petroleum Products Transporter Tax
     Exporter Fuel Tax & Claim for Refund

TN Tobacco Tax
     Cigarette Stamps
     Tobacco Products Tax
If you have any questions about filing sales and use tax online or need assistance in filing, contact:

Tennessee Department of Revenue
Attention: Taxpayer Services
500 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37242 Phone (615)253-0704 For Technical Assistance: (866)368-6374 (In State Toll Free)

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